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Photo Usage

I try to upload as many of the pictures I take as possible, from funny t-shirts or funky socks to someone asleep at the back of the hall. Well unless they come out like this...

If you want to share photos from the galleries to social media or to your own blog please use the share button below the pictures. This will post the picture to Facebook/Google+/Twitter etc or provide you with the embedding links for blog posts. If you’re using the pictures on your blog please post a link to the site if you are able to do so.

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I have now added digital downloads with a personal use licence to the shopping cart. I am still happy to provide images on request, but this will allow instant downloads & will help to keep power-photo running 

If you would like to use my pictures for an article in your local paper then please contact me so I can send you the original image files from the camera. All I ask in return is that I’m credited in the article and if possible that the paper send me a PDF/digital copy of the article for my own records.

For any commercial use of images or use in national press, please contact me to discuss terms.

Most importantly if your using my pictures please let me know. It’s nice to know 

One final thing, If you feel that you would like any pictures your in removed please let me know

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