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Good Evening Everybody

So last weekend was the last Scottish Powerlifting comp of the year. I had intended to post this shortly after but hadn’t quite got around to writing it.

My current subscription to y hosting provider runs out in April next year and currently due to a few factors I am not planning on renewing it.

I started taking pics at comps back when Rowan started competing largely to give me something to do while I was hanging around all day.

As a lot of you will know we have a new arrival on the way and so when Rowan is competing or is refereeing the likelihood that I’ll be with her and have nothing to do will be slim.

The current value of the Pound against the Dollar means that costs have almost doubled since I set the site up back in 2015

I wanted to post this now to give those that want to get photos from the archive a final few months to grab them.

Thank you all for you support over the last few years and good luck to you all in the future


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