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Power-photo and Me

Hello, I’m Grant and if you’re on this page then you more than likely have had me pointing a camera at you and are now looking for the results. Visit the galleries

A little of Power-photo’s backstory

I started out taking photos of modified cars at car shows mostly for my own amusement and from there I started working with some friend’s on a website taking pictures at car shows and track days.

After this I spent some time as a nightclub and occasional gig photographer

After a while, my cameras ended up languishing in my bag and my hobby fell by the wayside.Then my wife took up powerlifting.  At her first competition, I had been asked to bring along the camera and get pictures of her and another girl from her training club. So I brought along the bag, took some shots of them and a couple of record attempts on the day and ended up with mostly blurry underexposed shots which gradually improved throughout the day as I got used to the yellow/orange lighting in the school gym.

Now a few years down the line and I’d like to think I’m getting the hang of it. I came up with the name Power-Photo as I felt it fit with my background.  Powerful cars, loud music, flashing lights and powerlifting and will hopefully afford me the opportunities to revisit my old interests grow my skills and revive my old hobby

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